diumenge, 19 de maig de 2013


gnuLAB2.5 is a small development over gnuLAB2 basis. In fact, it is like a gnuLAB2 using the new gnuLAB3 profile, and other small details (shape of the air intakes are now little arched, lines at three levels similar to Barretina 611 but shorter branches,...). It keeps the configuration of four risers, this is why I like to play a lot on the ground, and 4 risers allow more control that only 3 (lines: A = 3, B=4, C=3, D=2).  Does not use diagonal ribs, to simplify construction. It is intended to be built with pleasant and durable materials: 36-40 g/m2 fabric and sheathed and colored dyneema lines. We should expect an easier steering and even more flight safety... The perfect double surface easy glider. The size is M, with 25.03 m2. Using LEparagliding 2.2 and data input files it is possible to generate plans for any size. Replaces the previous gnuLAB design.